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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Change Your Financial Life - Join the Truly Rich Club By Bo Sanchez

Have You Seen My New Video? 
It's Awesome.
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         May your dreams come true,

         Bo Sanchez

Monday, September 29, 2014

Discover The Simple Way To Make Money Online, Without Blogging, Without Bothering Your Friends, And Without Personally Selling To Anyone!

Katulad mo ba ang mga Pinoy na
naghahanap ng mapapagkakakitaan
sa tulong ng internet?

Yung tipo bang hindi mag-uubos
ng oras, paras mas may time tayo
para sa mga mahal natin sa buhay

Kaya, ayun. Naghanap ako ng
produkto na madali lang ipadala
sa internet. Kasi ubos-oras din
yung mga pisikal na produkto.

Pipila ka pa sa LBC para lamang
magpadala ng mga tabletas at kung
anu-ano pang pampaganda o pampalusog.

bisitahin po ninyo ito

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Attention: Parent Of Kids Ages 9 to 12!

"This Is The Only Sure Way Your Kids Will Become Millionaires On Their 20th Birthday

Do you want your kids NOT to repeat your financial mistakes?
Do you want your kids to get an early head start and prepare for their financial future?
Do you want them to have an investing and entrepreneurial mindset at an early age?
There's a way to do it and I can show you how.
Hi, my name is Bo Sanchez.  One of my passions is helping children become investors and entrepreneurs early in life—because they will never forget these lessons.  And since time is our greatest ally in becoming rich, their chances of becoming millionaires will be huge.
Yes, I started helping my own kids have this right "TrulyRich” financial mindset.
My eldest son Bene started investing in the Stock Market when he was 10 years old.  Each year, instead of spending all the Christmas money he gets from Ninongs and Ninangs (godparents), he invested it into the Stock Market.  Plus whatever he earned from his small businesses.  Four years later, he has P600,000 in his Stock Market portfolio.  Before 20 years old, I know he'll hit his first million.

What businesses was he in?  When he was 5 years old, his first business was selling bangus or milkfish to family and friends. 
At age 14, his business is a little bit more hi-tech: Bene makes modern websites for small companies. 
More than the income, he's learning powerful financial habits that will serve him for the rest of his life.  (For example, after tithing 10% of his business profits to God's work, and investing 50% of his earnings in the Stock Market, he lives on 40% only of his income.)
Do you want to help your kids have the same financial mindset?  Do you want to raise your kids to become entrepreneurs and investors?
Let them learn these 5 Money Lessons…

Thursday, June 12, 2014

How To Make Millions In The Stock Market Seminar By Bo Sanchez

A Sad Story
       Recently, I talked to a married couple—both 68 years old—who depend on their SSS and GSIS pensions—which amounted to P13,000 a month.  Sadly, the husband's medicines was already P8,000 a month.  And they're flat broke. 

       Curious enough, I found out that the husband was an OFW for 30+ years, and was earning in dollars, but NEVER invested any money for their future.

       You don't have to suffer what they're suffering.  While young, learn!  On June 28, I'll be giving my life-changing "How To Make Millions In The Stock Market” Seminar.  Change your financial future.  Do something now!  For details, click the link below:

Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to Change Your Financial Life Now !

People In Their 30’s And 40’s Fear Growing Old Without Money
But The Solution Is So Simple…
       Greg is a 63-year old man.
The salt and pepper hair fit him nicely.  Makes him look elegant.  Greg also wears cool clothes that make him look like a rich gentleman.
But his eyes can’t hide the bone-chilling terror inside.
       Yes, Greg has a cushy job. 
But he knows he will retire at 65.  That is just two years away.   And he’s scared.   Very scared.  Because on that day, he won’t have a monthly paycheck anymore.
       “I’m sure you have savings, right?” I asked Greg.
       He looked down, shaking his head.  “Not more than P200,000 in the bank.  I’ve never been very good with the savings bit.  I just spent my money.  And there were many emergencies along the way.  I know I should have saved more.  But I didn’t.”
       I asked, “But you’ll get a nice retirement package from your company?”
       “To pay my debts,” he sighed.  “I just borrowed to buy a car last year.  And did some house repairs this year.  We also travelled as a family last summer, paid for by another loan.  So whatever I’ll get from my retirement will erase my debt.  But nothing will be left.  Absolutely nothing.”
       I couldn’t help but groan. 
Greg was staring at the perfect storm.   A financial calamity that was coming in two years.
I pitied him so much…

Thursday, July 18, 2013

How To Make Millions In The Stock Market Seminar By Bo Sanchez

A Few Seats Just Got Vacant… Are They For You?
Last week, all seats were already taken.  But this week, a few people who reserved backed out, so we’re giving away their seats. 
That means you can still join me.  (There not very many seats, so please hurry.)
I’m talking about my exciting Seminar called How To Make Millions In The Stock Market on August 3, 8am to 12noon, in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.
I can teach you how to invest in the Stock Market in a simple, safe, and automatic way. 
Join my How To Make Millions In The Stock Market Seminar on August 3, 8:00am to 12noon, in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.
For more details, click below:
May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez
PS. It can give you a brand new financial future.  Click the link below:
How To Make Millions In The Stock Market Seminar On August 3


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